Let it be – a meditation concert by Dennis Kivit.

The Beatles’ 7 Spiritual Lessons.

Experience for yourself the place where creativity comes from during this meditation concert. Come home to yourself and feel the joy and silence in the music of The Beatles.

In 1967, during the Summer of Love, the Beatles wanted to get rid of the clutter and drugs. They were looking for a new way to feel better in their extremely busy lives full of expectations from the outside world, ‘Enlightenment’.

They left for India and received meditation lessons from the maharishi. They lived there as yogis and wrote their most beautiful and inspiring songs there, such as ‘Let it be’, ‘The long and winding road’ and ‘Across the universe’. And they took a new direction in their private lives. All you need is love!

The healing voice of Dennis and his beautiful guitar playing take you to your deepest source. You plug in to the collective consciousness through the most beautiful songs and come home to your feeling.

Come enjoy! There are 10 seats and 12 loungers.

Start: Sunday 29 August, 15:00 hrs
Performed by: Dennis Kivit
Location: Universel Murad Hassil
Sign Up: jet@jetenzo.nl
Cost: € 25,- ..