Benefit concert for the restoration of the Universel

The Universel wants to give space to the unnameable, poetry and music are a means to that end. Sunday afternoon 12 September there will be a poetic musical concert by Valentina Toth, piano and Meindert Jan de Vries violin reading, composed of poems by Wislawa Symborska and music by Lea Auerbach, Schubert and Mozart. The profit of this concert will go entirely to the renovation of the Universel, which will be restored to its original glory.

Order your tickets here! Click on this link for seats in the Universel as well as for your personal link to the on-line broadcast of the concert.

After you have made your payment you will be redirected to the donation page for a possible extra gift in addition to the minimum contribution.

Start: September 12, 2021, 3pm
Performers: Meindert Jan de Vries (violin) en Valentina Tóth (piano and recital)
Location: Universel Murad Hassil
Sign Up: Order your tickets here
Costs: Minimum contribution € 20,- per seat (for online € 15,-)

This concert is also offered online via live stream